Ahmed Abdulkarim graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of South Bank, London in 1977 and went on to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, United States of America, in 1981.  He worked for Bahrain’s Public Electric Utility from 1977 to 2009 where he held various engineering and managerial positions including Director of Projects, Director of Electricity Distribution and finally as Director of Energy and Water Conservations.

In 2009 he started his own business constructing property development projects, primarily private villas and apartment towers in Bahrain.  He is an expert in managing engineering projects, contractors and multiple consultants. More recently, he has also dealt with construction projects in the United Kingdom ranging from small property renovations to the construction of new apartment buildings. He is also commonly engaged as freelance engineering consultant for the power industry, including the construction of renewable power plants.

Ahmed Abdulkarim is a member of professional organisations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, United States of America, a member of the Bahrain Society of Engineers and lately as Assistant Secretary General (for the Gulf region), of the Arab Union of Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution industries.